Our distinct set of values (VOICE) sets us apart from our competitors and strongly complements the quality, experience and expertise of our people.  The values of openness, ingenuity, collaborative and effective are lived by our people at all levels of the business and are engrained within our culture.


Open – we are honest, transparent and respectful.

  • We listen before we talk.
  • We welcome people’s differences and encourage diverse input. 
  • We share information, but we also know when something needs to be confidential.
  • We don’t stay silent when we have something to say. 
  • We thank others for their contribution.

Ingenious – we think about what’s possible.

  • We seek opportunities to learn and to teach.
  • We challenge ourselves, and each other, to find new ideas.
  • We create solutions that other people haven’t thought of yet. 
  • We learn from our mistakes.
  • We strive to keep improving.

Collaborative – we achieve more when we work together.

  • We ask for, and offer, support when needed.
  • We solve problems by working together.
  • We give and receive useful feedback.
  • We agree on who’s doing what.
  • We trust others to do their job well. 

Effective – we care about doing the best job we can.

  • We deliver reliably using our tried and tested processes and following our code of conduct.
  • We identify how the work we do leads to better, long-term outcomes.
  • We design our solutions with people in mind.
  • We communicate clearly and frequently to set and manage expectations.
  • We see things through, taking responsibility from start to finish.