Multilingual service delivery is a strategic Capita Customer Solutions offering.  We have developed a cohort of strong, experienced, committed and highly skilled employees with excellent customer care and communication skills at all our sites and new clients will benefit hugely from leveraging this group’s particular skill-sets.  We currently provide voice and written multilingual services in over 16 languages while over 30 languages are spoken across the Capita group’s worldwide delivery centres.

Our Łódź site in Poland, opened in 2007, hosts the customer service contracts of some of our most strategically important clients.  We have a particularly strong presence in the European travel industry providing multi-channel and multi-lingual customer service to a leading car rental company.  As seasonality and external events often impact contact volumes in the travel sector, our operations must be agile enough to respond accordingly.  Our flexible and highly skilled workforce has continuously delivered against every challenge placed in from them, from volcanic dust-clouds to industrial action.

We also provide multilingual customer service for one of the world’s leading nutritional supplement manufacturers along with back-office finance and administration services on behalf of prominent Irish telecommunications and utilities companies.  We are pleased to say that all our clients have been delighted by the quality of the service and language support they receive from our Łódź team.

Multilingual services are an exciting and growing area for Capita Customer Solutions.  Our near-shore location and associated low-cost model differentiate us from other outsource providers and we are always keen to talk with any companies looking for exceptional multilingual support.

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