With the average digital customer owning three or more connected devices and having an average of 5.54 social media accounts, it is imperative that businesses embrace the digital age.  At Capita Customer Solutions, we do just that: driving digital transformation to enable customers to engage with businesses on channels of their choice through web-based and mobile based contact.  We design innovative solutions to give our clients' customers flexible, quick, user-friendly and easily accessible services on digital channels while providing a seamless customer experience.

Understanding customer behaviour is key to driving digital transformation. Through behavioural insight and analytics, mapping and measuring the customer journey at all touchpoints, we:

  • promote paperless transactions
  • drive channel shift from voice to digital channels, and
  • bridge the gap between customer service and self-service

Digital technology is changing rapidly and Capita Customer Solutions adapts to these changes by keeping continuous focus on these advancements and on customer behaviour.  Our clients and customers benefit from our digital strategy which drives efficiencies, reduces customer effort and increases customer retention.