We know from experience that organisations increasingly regard outsourcers as partners who will help transform their operations rather than as suppliers who will merely manage their services quicker and cheaper.  Cost still plays a part – but savings are seen as a given from outsourcing.  Other factors are proving to be equally key drivers, such as the changing demands of digital customers, site strategy and access to technology.

Organisations in all sectors face multiple challenges; not least an economic climate that while showing positive signs is still somewhat uncertain.  Add in factors such as increasing customer demands, new digital contact, shareholder pressure, cost reduction targets and the list of challenges becomes increasingly onerous.

Organisations are facing up to the need to make changes to the way they operate and manage.  This is where partnering with an outsourcer like Capita Customer Solutions goes beyond cost saving by giving access to tool-kits that support transformation.  Our tool-kits consist of components such as:

  • Operational excellence
  • Transition & transformation
  • Digital channel choice
  • Customer effort reduction
  • Greater insight and analytics
  • Engaged people
  • Enabling technology

Customers are changing and it’s clear that organisations need to change with them.  Those that make these changes and get there quickly will be the most likely to succeed.